Franz Releases Graph Visualization Software to Build Connections...

Franz Releases Graph Visualization Software to Build Connections between Data

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, June 01, 2018

FREMONT, CA: Graph visualizations are powerful tools that convey the content of a graph. They can highlight patterns, and show clusters and connections. A graph database is a database that uses graph structures for semantic queries with nodes, edges and properties to represent and store data. Franz, Inc. an innovator of artificial intelligence (AI) and a provider of semantic graph database technology announces the release of Gruff v6.0, a graph visualization software to visually build queries and visualize connections between data.

Gruff has been developed to address Graph Search in large data sets and empower users to intelligently explore graphs .The latest launch requires no code to be written for visualizing the connections thereby enhancing the ability to discover hidden connections within the data. The combination of Gruff and AllegroGraph also allows users to work on Hadoop.

 The software allows users to explore graphs in multiple views such as:

Graphical View - See the shape and density of graph data

Tabular view - Understand objects as a whole

Outline view - Explore the often hierarchical nature of graphs

 Query view - Write Prolog or SPARQL queries

 Graphical Query Builder - Create queries visually through drag and drop

Gruff and AllegroGraph plays a pivotal role in the Semantic Data Lake for Healthcare. A collaboration of Franz Inc., Montefiore Medical Center, Intel, Cloudera and Cisco provides a scalable and extensible Healthcare platform designed for Accountable Care and Personalized Medicine initiatives.

“Gruff is very much geared to help users write very, very complex queries and it helps in doing discovery,” says Jans Aasman, President and CEO, Franz.

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