Garmin Partners with ActiGraph for Wearable-driven Medical Solutions

Garmin Partners with ActiGraph for Wearable-driven Medical Solutions

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, December 14, 2018

Jeremy Wyatt, CTO & Senior VP

Garmin International has announced its partnership with ActiGraph that will focus on wearables for improving medical research and patient care. The duo has come together to apply ActiGraph’s CenterPoint data analytics platform to Garmin’s wearables for academic research, patient monitoring and clinical trials.

The US-based company, Garmin International is a subsidiary of Garmin Limited. The company specializes in GPS technology for automotive, marine, aviation and sports activities and has been competing in the race with activity tracker and smartwatch giants. 

On the other hand, ActiGraph is a global leader in medical-grade activity and sleep monitoring solutions for the global scientific community. By providing accurate, innovative and cost-effective monitoring solutions, the company helps in achieving research and clinical data collection, analysis and management objectives.  The company focuses on improving health by providing accurate and scientifically validated hardware and software solutions. 

Travis Johnson, Garmin Health global product lead is appreciating this partnership and said that the combination of sensor data from Garmin wearables and analytical expert ActiGraph are creating a powerful solution for the various patient monitoring applications.

Jeremy Wyatt, ActiGraph CTO and Senior VP of product development stated that Garmin wearables produce high resolution and accurate data streams that are apt for scientific analysis and can provide additional benefits to the ActiGraph software platform.

Both the organizations are working towards the improvement in the healthcare. Garmin is developing wearables that can detect serious health issues and are assisting in the development of both traditional and digital therapeutics. Partnering with ActiGraph, researches will accelerate these services and improve the health outcomes. The future for ActiGraph’s product suite is paved with multiple iterations and innovation.

“We believe that our cellular powered CentrePoint Data Hub can circumvent in-home patient technology issues by eliminating the need to install apps on smartphones, train patients on those apps, and plan for the various operating systems that are out there.” The Data Hub, aimed at simplifying the entire process of integrating data, gives ActiGraph the opportunity to bypass site-level IT restrictions that often prevent the installation of wearable-specific software on-site computers. Per Wyatt, “We believe that eventually, our data will integrate with other sources like EMR, genomic, and ePRO data to improve drug development and patient care.”

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