Geneos Therapeutics Introduces First Patient Dosed with...

Geneos Therapeutics Introduces First Patient Dosed with Personalized Vaccine Technology

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, August 16, 2019

The first-in-human treatment is a significant milestone as it will show the company's rapid biopsy-to-treatment implementation of its GT-EPIC technology platform, targeting cancer neoantigens on a personalized basis.

FREMONT, CA: Geneos Therapeutics, a biotech organization dealing with clinical results, announced the use of GT-EPIC Neoantigen-Targeting Personalized Vaccine Technology for cancer patients. In this first-in-human treatment, a portion of clinical cooperation between Geneos and the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis – a patient with anaplastic astrocytoma, a form of sophisticated brain cancer, is being treated with the patient's own tumor-derived neoantigen vaccine based on compassionate use. The target neoantigens have been recognized using the patented neoantigen forecast algorithm of Washington University – pVAC-Seq. The vaccine was designed and administered based on the GT-EPIC Platform, which targets 30 antigens, including all 27 tumor-specific neoantigens and three tumor antigens identified from the tumor of the patient. 

The partnership of Geneos and Washington University shows some of the GT-EPIC platform's main benefits, such as the capacity to move quickly into the clinic to treat cancers and target all (30 +) targetable antigens in a single administration in the patient.

Neurosurgeons who are treating patients at the Washington University Siteman Cancer Center and the Barnes-Jewish Hospital respectively, lead the therapy of the patient. The partnership was established to create a personalized cancer vaccine tailored to the mutated proteins found in the tumor of the patient. The physicians were surprised at the Geneos platform's velocity and versatility, along with its security record and clinical immunogenicity information from past human cancer and infectious disease research. The physicians, therefore, approached Geneos to support their efforts to make the experimental therapy accessible to this patient who was otherwise restricted.

Cancer neoantigens, the mutations and genomic changes that accumulate as tumors develop were recognized as important goals in the development of immune-mediated cancer treatments. The immune system identifies these neoantigens as foreign and generates immune responses to cancer. The GT-EPIC Platform is based on a DNA vaccine platform exclusively licensed by Geneos from Inovio Pharmaceuticals, enabling the company to develop exquisitely customized therapies tailored to the unique tumor mutations of each patient.

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