GoMeyra Releases Cloud-Based LIMS to Enable Same-Day Test Results

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GoMeyra Releases Cloud-Based LIMS to Enable Same-Day Test Results

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Monday, October 19, 2020

GoMeyra has launched a highly advanced LIMS solution to empower the medical Lab’s mission to process the test results in a single day.

FREMONT, CA: GoMeyra, a highly innovative laboratory information management system (LIMS) software solution provider, has rolled out GoMeyra LIMS, which is a highly customized cloud-based LIMS. This new software company dedicates itself to providing revolutionary tech solutions for medical laboratories. The all-new and advanced LIMS solutions that is offered by GoMeyra stands as a highly realistic, instantaneous, innovative, and flexible solution that rightly suits the modern medical laboratories.

 GoMeyra has come up with this futuristic LIMS solution majorly with a vision to mitigate operational overheads and also increase the efficiency of a medical laboratory workflow. This new LIMS has integrated itself with the EMRs of the client ecosystem to streamline and increase the speed of diagnostics processes.  GoMeyra’s offering features high scalability, flexibility, seamless instrumentation to enable the medical labs to process and reveal the test results in a day’s time. Alongside this, the solution also automates data purging and relieves the lab personnel by confining their role to assessing the end result of the process.

GoMeyra provides the medical laboratories with innovative and highly customizable LIMS solution that is driven by the technology of cloud. The company works on the mission line of reimagining, reengineering, rethinking, and reframing the existing LIMS solution in order to empower the medical laboratories with sustainable, intelligent, transformative, and valuable use cases, features, and benefits. With the expertise of scientists, enterprise-level business entrepreneurs, laboratory informatics, and quality assurance professionals with engineers, technology architects, and software experts, GoMeyra focuses on catering to the evolving needs of the medical labs.

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