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Greenyn Biotechnology Excels in Curing Diabetics with Insumate(R)--Patented Peptide Sequence mcIRBP-19

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Monday, October 19, 2020

Insumate(R)--Patented Peptide Sequence mcIRBP-19 is expected to be a turnkey medicine to cure diabetics.

FREMONT, CA: One of the members of Greenyn Group, Greenyn Biotechnology, has uncovered the clinical results for Insumate(R)--Patented Peptide Sequence mcIRBP-19.  Greenyn Biotechnology believes this drug to be a boon for curing diabetics.  The Taiwan Greenyn Group has been involved in developing health foods and releasing them in the global market since 20 years.  Taiwan's biotech has been steadily emerging. With the outbreak of the novel COVID-19 virus, the government has been taking preventative measures along with collaborating with the best and realistic biotechnology products that are produced by private companies.

Insumate(R)--Patented Peptide Sequence mcIRBP-19 has a unique and conductive structure that makes it suitable for operating as a pathogenic target. With over multiple years of research on mcIRBP-19, the Greenyn Biotechnology has realized that this Peptide Sequence mcIRBP-19 shows a hypoglycemic effect on the biological activities that involve the active participation of insulin. mcIRBP-19 also has the capability to bind insulin receptors. As this peptide sequence can carry out the function of carbohydrate metabolism and also the regulation of blood sugar level without stimulating the secretion of insulin, the company believes that Insumate(R)--Patented Peptide Sequence mcIRBP-19 is a turnkey product to control diabetes.

Founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of Taiwan Greenyn Corporation, Greenyn Biotechnology has its expertise in medical and food biotechnology.    Greenyn Biotechnology has invested vigorously in research and development, and further, this company's products are doing well in the global market. Focusing majorly on preventive medicine, Greenyn Biotechnology works on the mission line to improve the quality of life on earth.  

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