HighRes Biosolutions Partners with TetraScience to Integrate their...

HighRes Biosolutions Partners with TetraScience to Integrate their Flagship Products

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Thursday, May 30, 2019

FREMONT, CA: As digitization continues to change the corners of life sciences, a new generation of startups and tech giants have emerged. Two such global firms, HighRes Biosolutions and TetraScience, team up to propound their flagship products, automating data collection and manipulation processes in life sciences lab automation.  The partnership streamlines data collection, aggregation, and transportation from HighRes' robotics platform, moving data automatically to downstream informatics applications through the TetraScience Data Integration Platform. Simplified workflows provide high-throughput screening with automatic ELN and LIMS data entry.

With this integration, the customers and the life sciences community will be able to automate data generation, processing, and analysis, saving countless time and clicks. Also, they will now be able to achieve a round-trip data flow between their ELNs and HighRes software, redefining the meaning of automation.

HighRes Biosolutions' lab robotics, automation hardware, and software integrated with the TetraScience Data Integration Platform, move lab data from instruments and software to automatically downstream informatics applications. With this partnership, laboratories can streamline many of their processes using HighRes infrastructure and ultimately moving data downstream via the TetraScience Data Integration Platform.

Proper contextualization of data being produced, by automation coupled with industry-leading data capture and pipeline is expected to bring significant value to HighRes' community. The partnership will allow any HighRes lab automation user to acquire data with experimental context and serve as the basis for automated data capture and analysis, which are fundamental elements to building closed-loop automation processes.

HighRes Biosolutions empowers human health through life science robotics.  The company designs and builds innovative laboratory automation systems, dynamic scheduling software, and lab automation instruments that accelerate and streamline discovery.  HighRes offers highly flexible, modular solutions that provide its clients with the ability to scale and reconfigure their automation equipment as their assays or technology changes.

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