Histologics Enhances Colposcopy with Cervical Brush Biopsy

Histologics Enhances Colposcopy with Cervical Brush Biopsy

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Monday, January 20, 2020

Neal M. Lonky, MD, MPH, Founder & CEO

The cervical brush biopsy offers a minimally invasive approach to colposcopy when compared to the conventional stainless steel surgical devices.

FREMONT, CA:  A recent study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine revealed that the use of novel-fabric-based, single-use, sterile, and disposable biopsy devices during biopsies, including for outer cervix and endocervical canal, leads to an enhanced immune response in the patients. The study supports the use of devices such as Spiralbrush CX, which leverages the Kylon fabric-based brush technology for exocervical tissue biopsy sampling.

Developed by Histologics, the device is registered by the FDA, and ensures the trapping and retaining of the removed tissue, facilitating a consistent, abundant, reliable, and diagnostic sample. The manufacturer aims to deliver research-proven alternatives to tissue biopsy, leveraging frictional removal of tissue from mucosal and body surfaces instead of sharp, incisional removal.

Neal M. Lonky, MD, MPH, Founder and CEO of Histologics, said, "Histologics was founded over five years ago to innovate tissue-based technologies and compassionately save lives, worldwide. This new frictional biopsy and tissue retrieval technology, the multi-patented Kylon fabric and method, needs more research to evaluate the clinical impact of the immune response described in the current study."

Dr. Lonky co-authored the study along with Arthur Sitelman MD, Medical Director at Integrated Pathology, Phoenix, AZ, and Justin Diedrich MD, Assistant Professor of Gynecology at UC Irvine School of Medicine. He also serves as the Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UC Irvine School of Medicine and is an expert in women's health and colposcopy.

Dr. Lonky remarked, "Clinicians want to find true cervical cancer precursors at an early treatable stage, known to be caused by infection with the Human Papilloma Virus. We realize not all precursors advance because of the protection of a woman's immune system. This early microscopic observation of a robust immune response following frictional brush biopsy of the cervix should lead to more studies that evaluate whether pre-cancerous lesions regress from abnormal to normal over time following such biopsies when compared with traditional sharp biopsies done with stainless steel tools. As a practicing Ob/Gyn as well as the founder of Histologics, I observe women and their care providers appreciate the minimally invasive approach that cervical brush biopsy brings to colposcopy in contrast to conventional stainless steel surgical devices."

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