How are Researchers Trying to Develop New Drugs for HIV?

How are Researchers Trying to Develop New Drugs for HIV?

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Scientists have successfully developed a new and efficient type of drug that can help with the treatment of HIV.

FREMONT, CA: The scientists of Salk have revealed a type of powerful drugs that can connect to a significant piece of HIV machinery. For the first time when they solved the three-dimensional structure of several attached complicated drugs, the researchers showed the reason for which makes the drug so potential. There are chances that new designs or improvements can be made for the treatment of HIV.

An intasome is an essential form of the virus because it allows infection that contains HIV protein integrase and strands of viral DNA to form when the virus enters the human cells. The intasome will start its movement in every human cell and then carry out the chemical reactions that are essential to incorporate the virus genetic materials inside the human DNA.

There are some drugs known as the integrase strand transfer inhibitors (INSTIs), and they have successfully managed to obstruct the intasomne. HIV cannot infect a human cell when the complex cannot combine the viral DNA in the human genome. However, at present times there are four INSTIs that have been accepted by the US Food and Drug Administration, and all of them are under development.

In spite of the achievement that these molecules have gained still, the researchers have to fight for studying the way they restrain HIV intasome. The issue arises due to the difficulty that they have to deal while isolating intasomes for structural studies. Earlier, most of the research about the intasome and INSTIs was conducted on a different retrovirus known as the prototype foamy virus or PFV. However, in the year 2017, a group of researchers was the first who established the formation of purified HIV intasomes.

However, the researchers are also planning to do more work on the experimental drugs by prioritizing the compound known as 4d that is based on preclinical tests and the latest structural information. This research is also showing a promising effect against HIV than other compounds used earlier.

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