How can AI help in improving Pharmacovigilance

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How can AI help in improving Pharmacovigilance

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Monday, July 20, 2020

Pharma technologists are turning to AI to better Pharmacovigilance.

FREMONT, CA: AI is considered as one of the best ways to redefine Pharmacovigilance. Catering to issues such as the safety of every product, drug, and application used for clinical trials, artificial intelligence stands as a wonderful technique to revitalize Pharmacovigilance. Along with clinical safety, AI has been making the process of monitoring safety and security in the paradigm of drugs and medicinal products.

Clinicians have a lot of entities such as clinical data, claims, patient reports, prescription of medication, doctor's and patient's consultation sessions, mobile health molecular profiling, information of the drug performance and other data and statistics to handle. AI comes in this picture in the form of a silver bullet, in order to help pharma professionals study, analyze, and scrutinize data efficiently with accuracy, precision, and validation of facts.

Top 10 Pharmacovigilance Consulting / Services Companies - 2019With the COVID virus outbreak, the need for automation has been tremendously on the rise. AI always helps in automating redundant tasks, and intelligent protocols of the artificial intelligence technology guide the automated workflow and checks for errors. This, in turn, helps in making the monitoring of drug perforation more informed, accurate and also increases the quality. Pharma technologists build AI programs and feed in all the information about the performance of the drugs, and other facts. With access to all the information, AI assistants can completely serve the purpose of monitoring the performance of the drugs, tracking their actions, and noting the results and changes efficiently.

All in all, AI is more like a silver bullet helping the professionals in the pharma industry to help in ensuring the quality and precision of the drug and its performance even after it is released. Technicians and clinicians in the pharma industry are increasingly looking to seek help from the virtual assistants and monitors working on the technology of artificial intelligence. Alongside, drug performance indicators are also integrated with AI-enabled with critical factors that signify the most deciding parameters regarding the quality of a drug. With the intervention of AI in clinical trials, the pharma industry is essentially moving towards precision.

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