How CDMOs Can Help with Better Product Quality

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How CDMOs Can Help with Better Product Quality

Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Finding a trusted CMO or CDMO partner can considerably increase the competitiveness of the products, as COGS reduction is the key to enhancing core competitiveness.

FREMONT, CA: Earlier, the pharmaceutical sector had transformed due to increased R&D spending, reforms in the health insurance system, and competition from new and generic pharmaceuticals. Supply chain activities became more complex as a result of this transition.

More minor production scales and faster fulfilment periods are becoming more popular. This condition resulted in price fluctuations, regulatory uncertainties surrounding new product development, and inefficient supply chain cooperation in certain situations.

What is the Current Challenge?

As a result of these changes, pharmaceutical businesses are still looking for cost-cutting opportunities. Simple manufacturing outsourcing services no longer meet pharmaceutical firms' financial and environmental objectives.

Contract manufacturers can perform more functions, like research and development, give novel technical services, help decrease costs and risks, and more, in the current climate, where the pharmaceutical industry supply chain is becoming more specialized.

As a result, the pharmaceutical outsourcing sector's future development trend is high-tech, value-added process development, and industrial application.

Reasons for a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CMO/CDMO)

Controlling supply risk

Production planning for the long term is becoming more complex. Numerous unanticipated natural disasters, diseases, and even political turmoil have wreaked havoc on human life since the dawn of the twenty-first century. Market leaders are at risk of losing market share and are facing shortages and penalties for failure to provide due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rising demand for generics in emerging countries 

As patents for new therapies expire, numerous pharmaceutical businesses are actively researching the generic market to disrupt multinational pharmaceutical companies. In advanced manufacturing, outsourcing providers have a lot of process research and development and large-scale production experience. Pharmaceutical firms in emerging countries are willing to collaborate with professional CDMO companies to break down pharmaceutical process obstacles due to their various production facilities.

To reduce cost of goods (COGS)

Pharmaceutical businesses invest a significant amount of money in the construction and maintenance of their manufacturing facilities. Several pharmaceutical companies' manufacturing facilities are designed mainly to produce products whose volume drops over time or when the product becomes generic. As these quantities decline, CMOs and CDMOs can help pharmaceutical businesses take over manufacturing and repurposing huge overhead facilities with high fixed expenses for other items. As a result, manufacturing costs are turned to variable expenses, enabling pharmaceutical companies to put more money into their primary development areas.

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