How CMOs can Drive Marketing Innovation

How CMOs can Drive Marketing Innovation

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Today, brands need to reach out to their customers on their preferred channels, with content that is most appealing to them. Delivery of a great experience across all touch points is vital to building their brands’ reputation. To make the most of out in this scenario, CMOs need to adopt a renewed thinking. They need to become more receptive toward the wishes of the customers, rather than just focusing on building the brands reputation. Alongside embracing the new thought process, CMOs need to take innovative ideas throughout the organization, while bringing in the sustainable change for it is also the key. This is the critical fundamental step toward being a forerunner in the marketing game.

The power of data along with technology is revolutionizing various business processes. For marketers who play a significant role in acquiring, understanding, translating, and leveraging data, the amalgamation of data and technology can really help them drive their work in terms of how they do, what they do and to thwart challenges in their field. In fact, the emergence of big data and analytics has disrupted thy way CMOs function. It is well known that CMOs have traditionally been focusing on communications and campaign, but with today’s cut-throat competition, they have to consider various other aspects. With appropriate data in hand, CMOs are expected to be more than just marketing communications expert. Today, they have also be experts in the area of user experience, understanding the cores of ecommerce and elements that are required to deliver a holistic customer journey.

Now to manage change effectively, CMOs need to adopt relevant technologies in the organization. Along with that they also need to revive the underlying systems and processes and the skills that are necessary to implement it. This change will ultimately lead to a revolution in the entire culture of the function. To future-proof their marketing strategies, CMOs can also learn the latest and emerging digital trends and improved measurement of ROI across marketing campaigns and partnerships.

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