How Graph Visualization Gains Importance in Pharma World?

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How Graph Visualization Gains Importance in Pharma World?

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, August 14, 2020

Visualizations help the pharma industry describe the new technology, convey benefits, and demonstrate future trends and areas of growth to the organizations.

FREMONT, CA: Applying network visualization, which is known as graph visualization, and analysis techniques, can help reveal the connections and patterns that the pharma company needs to see. Data visualization is not only about aesthetics, but it's also grounded in real results and industry findings. With a widened amount of content available online daily, the way people access and process information are changing.

For pharmaceutical companies that are in the middle of the digital transformation means how information is communicated and shared and is crucial to the success of the organization. With a much tougher regulation and increased competition, good data analysis is more vital than ever.

Drug discovery

Bringing a drug to market involves understanding the connections between a chemical and effect, drug and a market opportunity, or an agent and disease. When the connections are identified, companies can find a way to use them wisely. As the research volume enhances, the amounts of data increases too. To detect and understand connections buried in noisy raw data is very significant. Network visualization makes it faster and much easier to identify the links, revealing patterns, correlations, gaps and anomalies, and also to make the discovery processes eventually cost-efficient.

Competitor analysis and market landscape

Top Visualization Solution CompaniesThe pharmaceutical industry is very competitive. Understanding the competitors, the pharma industry has an intellectual property and product pipeline, which are essential for making the right product decisions. Network visualization makes this complex data and how it all connects, and simple to understand. Visualization helps to see how the patient data, health records,  and drug advisories affect the drug sales forecast.

With data becoming the center of attraction, irrespective of all the regions of healthcare, visualization techniques, and tools are now an equally important part of every function, from analytics to communications, ultimately transforming the pharmaceutical industry globally.

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