How is it Essential to Develop New Male Contraceptives

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How is it Essential to Develop New Male Contraceptives

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Researchers are trying to create an automated robotic screening system that will permit them to examine the effects of drugs on the human sperm.

FREMONT, CA: A research team from the University of Dundee have created an entirely automated robotic system that will permit them to quickly examine the human sperm and the effect on drugs and other chemicals on it. The scientists are trying to develop a male contraceptive that will be safe and also effective for them to use.

The sperm has a significant function, and it is to move to the area of fertilization, and this research will provide the result of the systematic search for the drug that can block the sperm motility.

One of the most extensive collections of previously clinically approved and tested drugs were screened by the team so that they can fasten the process of development for the safe and effective male contraceptive.

The result of the study witnesses that they are chances of discovering effective agents that have the ability to stop the sperm in its track. However, more work has to be done so that they can inspect whether any of the previously or presently tested drugs are suitable for long-term use by the male.

Moreover, according to the researchers, the discovery can be a massive breakthrough in the technology for that particular area. For the first time, they can also witness the process in which compounds can affect the function of sperm. Furthermore, not such contraceptive has been developed for the male that is efficient, reversible, and widely obtainable except for the condom and due to which the entire burden falls on the female.

Therefore, it has become an urgent necessity to create a new type of male contraceptive, but there are few reasons due to which the drugs get hampered.

• Most of the people do not understand the biology of human sperm. So, there is an immense lack of understanding.

• The lack of studies where it relates a protein in the human sperm to the critical function that it must carry out after they leave the male body.

• Nonexistence of proper system that can provide effects of the numerous chemical and drug that is available in the market.

Therefore, to counter all these issues, the researchers are creating a miniaturized parallel testing system that is run by a robot and utilizes the fast microscope and image-processing devices. These tools can appropriately track every movement of the human sperm, thus measuring the effect of drugs.

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