How is Laser Ultrasound System Revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical...

How is Laser Ultrasound System Revolutionizing the Pharmaceutical Industry?

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Researchers have exhibited that it is possible to use lasers to perform ultrasound scans at a distance.

Fremont, CA: The clinical non-invasive ultrasounds stand in need for their transducers to establish contact with the skin, as that enables high-frequency vibrations to travel through the body. A number of patients, including children, people with burns, and the ones with sensitive skin would instead be scanned using a contact-free system.  Optoacoustic imaging includes the use of laser in induce sound waves within tissues and to take up the ultrasonic reflections with the help of a detector that has to make physical contact. Additionally, such scanning works only at very shallow depths, effectively imaging a few millimetres below the skin.

Now the MIT team has developed a way to detect ultrasonic vibrations on the skin using a laser, to make sure that one laser can be used to resonate the surface while another identifies the waves. This is regarded to be a significant development, and this type of technology might revolutionize the landscape of ultrasound.

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 On account of conventional ultrasounds, the skin contact severely modulates the resulting signal, and a contact-free approach may overpower that limitation completely.

The researchers have tested their system with the healthy volunteers, and also scanned their forearms from a half meter away and then compared those results with the conventional ultrasound. This enabled them to observe as deep as 6 centimetres inside the tissues, and they were able to see muscles, fat, and bones, reporting that their results were comparable with standard ultrasound.

The pharma industry is standing at the beginning of finding out what can the industry do with laser ultrasound.  Engineers and senior author of the study appearing in a pharma journal states to consider one getting to a point where one can do everything ultrasound can do now but at a distance. This provides one with a whole new way of seeing organs inside the body and detecting properties of deep tissue, without making contact with the patient.

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