How is Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Evolving?

How is Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Evolving?

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is struck with rapid innovation. Despite ethical production being the foremost concern, manufacturers are inventing new and creative ways to formulate value in highly regulated contexts.

Fremont, CA: The pharmaceutical industry is multiplying with its tremendous growth experience and innovation than was expected previously. The pharma industry has developed reliance around the world on evidence in assessing medical treatment with sales of $1 trillion. The business has gone global with the availability of modern drugs in most of the nations.

Personalized Medicine

Also known as precision medicine, it is a process of diagnosing and tailoring therapies to each patient based on their predicted response treatment. Precision products are passing the clinical-stage. There are definite indications that personalization will increase in the years to come. The investment rate in personalized medicine has doubled in the last five years, and the current market research predicts the production of precision therapies to rise by 33 percent by 2025.

Low Volume Production

Low-volume production helps patients in getting access to life-saving drugs, but at the same time, it can complicate the manufacturing process as well. Accumulating the necessary batch data to satisfy compliance can hamper margins when there is less number of entire batches. Adding to that, navigating complex supply-chain becomes challenging when the life-cycle of a drug is shorter.

Digitization of Paper Processes  

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Electronic logbooks, digital batch records, and interactive digital SOPs can be instituted by the manufacturers to enhance the visibility and efficiency with minimum upfront investment. The manufacturers can make compliance with a seamless part of the manufacturing process, improve operational efficiency, and eliminate data loss and transcription by replacing the paper-based processes with the digital ones.

Embracing The Cloud

With the vast improvements in security and cost, pharmaceutical manufacturers are endorsing cloud computing and storage in full swing. Being a vital first step towards expanding Iiot capabilities, cloud infrastructure makes data integrity and sharing throughout a producers’ lifecycle easier. Specifically, the advancement of Platform as a Service offering has provided pharmaceutical manufacturers with the opportunity to create, configure, and iterate GxP compliant applications while simultaneously ensuring all development is contained in a tightly controlled environment.

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