How is Telemedicine Revamping the Pharmaceutical Industry?

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How is Telemedicine Revamping the Pharmaceutical Industry?

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Thursday, July 09, 2020

Telemedicine in today's world is way more than a physician mounting a web camera to their laptop and providing video visits to patients.

Fremont, CA: The pharma industry is flourishing and evolving at a rapid speed throughout the world, in homes, schools to natural disasters and oil rigs in the middle of the ocean. Telemedicine is transforming into virtual care and as an industry is expected to grow more than $66 billion in the world by 2021. Similarly, healthcare providers are evolving from offering only convenience consults to adopting more evidence-based virtual care delivery solutions. These innovations can allow large, multi-location, multidisciplinary teams to remotely access patients' medical records and collaborate in virtual face-to-face consultations on time, to be able to make accurate diagnoses, informed care plans and a shorter time to treatment. Due to this growth, major corporations have joined the market, hospitals and practices are leveraging new technologies to take dramatic leaps in clinical outcomes.

Hospitals are depending on telemedicine for delivering advanced care, and they are expecting new features and capabilities from their telemedicine solution partners to address sophisticated provider needs. It includes connectivity tools for advanced treatment in many specialities, like cardiology, endocrinology, dermatology, infectious disease, obstetrics, neurosurgery, and rheumatology and many more, to deliver integrated care as an organization.

Telemedicine is also used by hospitals to connect paramedics and other first responders for quick expert care. In a medical emergency such as stroke or heart attack, an immediate response can mean the difference between life or death or partial or full recovery. Teleparamedicine helps to connect patients and paramedics to the top specialists even before the patients are also loaded into an ambulance.Top Pharma and Life Science Tech Solution Companies in Europe

Big corporates are also joining the market and are already offering telemedicine services to satisfy patient demand. Digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon's Alexa are being utilized for chronic disease management and care coordination. There is a substantial patient demand, and also the biggest healthcare payer in the country, The Centres for Medicare and Medical Services, has become slightly flexible in their requirements for virtual visits while incentivizing more physicians to consistently check on their patients who have suffered heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder or any other chronic condition.

Healthcare will always have many hurdles to overcome, given the thirst of new solutions and technologies, telemedicine will emerge to play a more prominent role in driving evidence-based decision making, treating chronic care conditions, decreasing the cost of care for high-risk patients, and excluding the need for value-based care and stronger patient outcomes.

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