How New Marketing Tools Help Accelerate Pharma Businesses

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How New Marketing Tools Help Accelerate Pharma Businesses

Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, June 11, 2021

Marketing technology is rapidly evolving, and new solutions appear on the scene regularly so that marketers can improve their ability.

FREMONT, CA: Digital budgets are increasing, and pharma brands must have the right tools to make the most of their investments.

The companies can integrate numerous powerful tools into the tech stack to increase productivity, leverage data, and meet customer expectations. The following are essential factors to consider while upgrading the martech stack and top tools for today's digital marketer.

First and foremost, let's discuss the martech stack. If the companies are like most marketers, it's the outcome of successive generations of incremental development and uncoordinated contributions from various teams. This frequently results in clumsy and inefficient systems.

Leverage the Power of The Tools

Marketing technology is rapidly evolving, and new solutions appear on the scene on a regular basis. While it is critical to be open to cutting-edge solutions, companies should also be cautious of chasing the new trend.

When it comes to enhancing pharma marketers' capability to navigate digital transformation, the tools listed below have proven their worth. They will make it easier to deliver, test, and analyze personalized content and gather data for better journey customization.

Data management platform (DMP): 

DMPs are data management tools developed to improve programmatic ad spend and campaign performance, and two common examples are Adobe Audience Manager and Salesforce Audience Studio. They compile anonymous customer data intending to inform and adjust audiences. Marketers are increasingly combining DMP data with CDPs to provide next-generation audience engagement abilities.

Machine learning tool: 

Modern marketing systems can produce massive amounts of comprehensive customer behavioral data, making it difficult to differentiate between signal and noise. Machine learning tools use artificial analysis like Adobe Sensei, AWS Machine Learning Services, and Google's AI Platform to recognize trends, predict behavior, and recommend decisions. The more data they gather, the more precise and valuable their predictions become.

Email marketing automation: 

Email continues to be a significant marketing channel for HCPs and patients. Advanced email marketing automation platforms aid in campaign optimization by enabling triggers, branching, and customization of customer email cadences.

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