How Pharmaceutical Industry can Benefit from Design Thinking

How Pharmaceutical Industry can Benefit from Design Thinking

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Monday, September 17, 2018

Organizations are hiring chief innovation officers to disrupt the market by attempting to revamp their businesses. It is up to companies—especially in the pharmaceutical industry—to decide whether these initiatives these initiatives are just another trend or a worthy investment. If design thinking works in tandem with the business model along with innovation benefitting businesses then pharmaceutical companies can truly distinguish and recognize a valuable effect.

Design thinking provides organizations with a fresh view of innovation, resulting in an improvement in how companies identify and interact with the requirements of their clients. In fact, design thinking focuses on achieving a true and thorough understanding of the target audience along with addressing the existing impediments with regard to enhancing user experiences. Not only does design thinking helps introduce evolved framework and tools that lay more emphasis on clients’ needs but it also assists companies in understanding the client perspective more precisely.

The pharmaceutical industry benefits from design thinking in several ways. Onboarding a new pharmacy generally involves volumes of paperwork. By observing the entire onboarding process from the client’s perspective, manufacturers and distributors can improve the user’s experience to a great extent. Furthermore, owing to the constant burden of R&D costs, demands of the shareholders, and vigilant Wall Street analysts, pharmaceutical companies face the prevailing challenge of covering costs and moving products. An approach that is driven by empathy and is more human-centered has the potential to change the dynamics of this issue by breaking down silos and streamlining access to critical life-saving treatments.

Serialization is another issue that most pharmaceutical companies consider a burden. However, these companies can also consider this process as an opportunity that opens the doors to various ways of improving business operations. This may also lead to pharmaceutical companies having access to volumes of data including the status of every unit that can be sold and the amount of time a product spends at each supply chain node.

With regard to design thinking and innovation, the key to success involves not just fancy products and apps but a clear understanding of the needs, behaviors, and preferences of customers. A challenge-based business that is primarily led by empathy can significantly benefit pharmaceutical companies.

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