How Technology is Advancing the Clinical Research Industry

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How Technology is Advancing the Clinical Research Industry

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Monday, March 28, 2022

The healthcare sector is becoming technologically advanced and has had a significant impact on clinical trials and patient experience. 

FREMONT, CA: As scientific advances bring new possibilities to an industry that has historically lacked creativity, technology propels clinical trials into a modern age. In general, there are two macro trends: the rate of progress in scientific research and the surge of developments in technology.

Scientific discoveries have made it possible for the industry to access new substances and tools that have altered the types of molecules produced and how clinical trials are conducted. The entry of the industry into the modern age of precision medicine, for example, in which companies are designing treatments based on the genetic sequence of a patient.

Therefore, unlike anything people have ever seen, technology is rapidly changing and introducing new aspects of data storage capacity, processing power, and connectivity levels. Today people live in a world where the telephone can communicate to the thermostat and refrigerator. A sector that has historically suffered from a lack of creativity, it is exciting to see so much change happening so quickly.

What do technological advancements mean for clinical research?

With the growth of emerging technologies like clinical-grade wearables, mobile apps, computer vision, and cloud computing, patient interaction and site adoption are two challenges that have already been addressed. Recent progress represents new ways to intelligently apply technology to analytics, automation, and machine learning, enhancing the execution of clinical trials and patient experience.

It is important to involve patients in research, and many of these emerging innovations are focused on patient interfaces. Companies that recognize and construct these interfaces with the voice of a patient and a clinician will thrive.

The future of technology-enabled research

In terms of how clinical trials are now going to be performed, industry participants interested in clinical testing cannot continue to neglect science and technology evolution.

Companies must utilize these new tools with increasing demand from both patients and regulators to get new drugs to patients faster while maintaining quality, protection, and privacy for patients. With regulators trying to keep regulations in line with scientific and technical developments, the industry will face some challenges.

The future of technology-enabled clinical research will be about businesses continuing to exploit technology intelligently within the current regulatory environment and, in parallel, taking the next leap to transform the sector with innovation.

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