How to Excel in Pharma Marketing?

How to Excel in Pharma Marketing?

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Monday, November 04, 2019

Embracing marketing analytics can better address the needs of the customers than any other conventional marketing methods.

FREMONT, CA: Most of the private and public organizations market their drugs and medical devices through the conventional methods of promoting the sale through advertisements. According to the health services company SingleCare, the average American spends approximately $1,200 on prescription drugs a year, denoting the significance of marketing in the pharmaceutical industry.

Why is pharma marketing so important?

Pharma marketing is a large industry with the contribution to the global revenue being $900 billion and is expected to reach  $1.1 trillion in the next few years. It is the drug prevalence and affordability that drives the market. Marketing enables the pharma companies to address the needs of the customers as they can identify, anticipate, and provide solutions for their needs. The marketers need to spend more on marketing while adopting specific ways to help differentiate the companies from each other via branding. Eventually, the marketers should identify their targets and utilize relevant data and tools to obtain a higher return on investment in marketing as opposed to those who place less emphasis on it.

Effective Pharma Marketing Strategy

Marketers should embrace analytics-based marketing, as all savvy marketers do. Data is an essential source in every industry for effective marketing and measuring, and pharma is no exception to this. The right marketing analytics metrics should include many factors, including sales, costs, and profits. Those who have been following the conventional approaches have attained impressive results by shifting to analytics-driven methods. Thus, marketers can use analytics to measure effective marketing strategies and also to eliminate the risk of immediate decision-making that might not produce the expected return on investment.

In short, analytical decision-making can save both time and money for pharma companies. Although branding is essential, data analytics are needed to measure success. Also, marketing and revenue should be tied to produce the most desirable results.

In recent years, most companies are investing more in marketing than research and development for good reason while some are still implementing the same strategies, and therefore, taking an alternative approach to marketing can lead to success in the pharma industry.

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