How to Recognize a Quality-Driven API Logistics Team?

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How to Recognize a Quality-Driven API Logistics Team?

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, September 29, 2020

As pharma supply chain logistics grow increasingly complex, drug developers seek out strategic partnerships with modern API logistics teams.

FREMONT, CA: Today's pharmaceutical supply chain is complex. Drugs are made from ingredients sourced from different countries. Final formulations are sometimes exported. Packaging, repackaging, and the sale can happen in different countries, meaning that drugs change hands often between the manufacturer and patient. A new breed of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) logistics experts helps make sense of these hurdles. They enhance the traditional broker model by tightly integrating logistics with quality assurance teams. Their full integration with quality and regulatory teams and their familiarity with the industry's engagement rules make them valuable. Here is how to find a quality-driven API logistics team.

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The tight knot of regulations and best practices demand more from people maneuvering within it than competence with a spreadsheet. To operate smoothly, API logistics teams need industry-specific credentials. They must be built on the shoulders of those with front-line pharmaceutical experience. Leaders of quality-driven API logistics teams bring with them a nuanced understanding of present and future trends in drug development and API procurement. Focused on improvement, the team will constantly be updating and improving their best practices to align with compliance requirements, removing risk from the pathway between API manufacturer and laboratory. 

Right Technology

The software that supports API supply chain logistics is sophisticated. With a modern ERP system at their fingertips, operators can design intelligent pathways for API materials. They can ingest more data along those pathways than previously, giving logistics teams and the drug companies that depend on them a useful perspective on their overall supply chain's efficiency and quality. Using technology to build an integrated and holistic picture of the API supply chain is about developing an elegant and efficient strategy for future growth.

Right Leadership

For a pharma logistics team to thrive, the senior leaders who oversee it must believe in quality above all other considerations. Their investment in essential elements is one of both money and mindshare. They must actively think about how to cinch the integration between quality assurance and logistics ever tighter, and they prioritize systems that help an agile and creative customer service approach.

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