How Veeva Helps Transform Clinical Data Management

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How Veeva Helps Transform Clinical Data Management

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Veeva Vault CDMS is redefining clinical data management by better visibility and control over the data. 

FREMONT, CA: Veeva Vault CDMS is designed for today's modern clinical trials, removing technology restrictions so that the healthcare sector can develop and run the trial they want. Innovative design techniques accelerate the process of construction and remove manual steps. The next generation's data review interface allows CRAs to run efficiently, reliably and reduces time spent paging through forms. Veeva CDB is a clinical data portal for aggregation and cleaning, offers a complete and seamless view of all the study data.

Advantages of Veeva Vault CDMS

Run the Study they Want

With less time and effort, customize the casebooks for master protocols and adaptive trials. It also allows Mid-study modifications made with zero downtime and no migration.

Greater Visibility and Control Over Your Data

Gain better visibility into the result of whether the study is handled internally or by CROs. Throughout the study, operational reports on the condition of the data keep them updated.

Get Clean Data Faster

It allows faster cleaning of EDC data with a versatile interface designed for SDV and review. Reconcile information across multiple sources with a comprehensive view of all the study data.

Types of Veeva Vault CDMS

Vault EDC

Veeva provides a better EDC that helps healthcare to run the trial they want. Vault EDC enables complicated, multi-arm adaptive trials and allows modifications of the mid-study configuration without downtime. It is new, agile and quick, enhancing the user experience for websites, monitors, and data managers dramatically.

Vault Coder

Within Vault EDC, the Vault Coder codes medical words efficiently and reliably. Veeva offers advanced methods to speed coding in batches and groups, in addition to auto-coding, synonym lists, and dictionary support for WHODrug and MedDRA.

Veeva CDB

For integrated cleaning, reporting, and export, Veeva CDB assembles all the study data into a constantly formatted data lake. Full and up-to-date data allows them to clean data quicker, make better decisions, and perform more successful trials.

Advancement Which Redefines Traditional Processes

Veeva Vault CDMS offers new agile frameworks that complement today's clinical trials in speed and complexity.

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