ImaginAb Partners with Roche to Enhance Immuno-oncology Clinical...

ImaginAb Partners with Roche to Enhance Immuno-oncology Clinical Trials

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 06, 2019

The partnership will provide an opportunity to accelerate the clinical development of next-generation immunotherapy and eventually offer advice to patients diagnosed with cancer.

FREMONT, CA: A clinical-stage immune-oncology imaging company, ImaginAb has announced a non-exclusive license partnership with Roche. Under the terms of the contract, Roche will use the novel ImaginAb mini-body CD8 T cell imaging agent for different forms of cancers in clinical immuno-oncology studies.

ImaginAb's CD8 T cell imaging agent is intended to be used with PET scanning technology to determine non-invasively changes in immunotherapy-induced CD8 T cell tumor infiltration. This research strategy can guide the creation of immune-modulatory agents and combinations by evaluating whether the immune system of a patient reacts to these agents, thus providing an early therapeutic reaction forecast.

The collaboration will provide the right opportunity to accelerate the clinical development of next-generation immunotherapy and will eventually guide the personalized use of mono or combination therapy for patients with distinct types of cancer. This partnership will further extend the network of businesses, clinical researchers, and PET centers using the 89-Zr CD8 ImmunoPET technology, demonstrating the immuno-oncology utility and value of this technology.

89-Zr CD8 ImmunoPET minibody connects CD8 receptors to human T cells and is used in patients for non-invasive CD8 T cell PET imaging. The Phase 1 dose-escalation research undertaken with cancer patients receiving immunotherapy treatments demonstrated safety, described the effective dose and ideal protocol for PET imaging as well as substantiated concept evidence for using CD8 ImmunoPET as a clinical instrument for detecting and imaging CD8 T cells in patients.

ImaginAb is an immuno-oncology imaging organization focused on offering actionable insights into patient choice and cancer immunotherapy therapy advancement, enabling precision medicine. ImaginAb engineers antibody fragments called mini bodies that retain full-length antibodies' exquisite specificity while remaining biologically inert in the body. Used with commonly accessible PET scan technology, these new mini bodies illuminate molecular objectives of high value, offering physicians with an image of immune activity in their entire bodies. 

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