Immunophotonics receives U.S Patent for IP-001

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Immunophotonics receives U.S Patent for IP-001

Pharma Tech Outlook | Thursday, September 30, 2021

Immunophotonics receives U.S. patent protection for the composition of matter underlying IP-001

FREMONT, CA: The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Immunophotonics, Inc. U.S. Patent No. 11111316. The patent covers the chemical make-up of Immunophotonics' primary therapeutic candidate, IP-001, a patented synthetic biopolymer with potential uses in cancer and infectious disease treatment.

The patent covers the platform potential of IP-001 and structurally comparable carbohydrate polymers and will protect Immunophotonics in the United States until at least 2033, subject to regulatory extension if IP-001 is approved for clinical use by the United States Food and Drug Administration. With this issuance, the United States has joined more than 40 other nations in granting Immunophotonics patent protection to the IP-001 composition of matter.

Tomas Hode, Chief Innovation Officer at Immunophotonics, stated his excitement about the issuance, remarking, “We are thrilled to expand our patent coverage into the United States alongside other key markets where our composition-of-matter claims have been allowed. This patent not only covers our lead drug candidate, IP-001 but will also serve as the core of a biotechnology platform with the potential for myriad applications for activating the immune system against cancer and other diseases. With this issuance, Immunophotonics has completed a crucial step in its development of a robust patent portfolio in the field of oncology and beyond.”

“Immunophotonics was represented by Foley Hoag LLP of New York in its prosecution of this patent. We were pleased with the final claims granted in Patent No. 11111316, which protect a family of molecules with a range of pharmacologically relevant structural features. This patent is an ideal foundation for a wide-ranging pharmaceutical platform,” observed Lucas Watkins, Ph.D., Deputy Chair of the Patent Prosecution Practice at Foley Hoag.

Immunophotonics is a privately held clinical-stage biotech firm developing innovative treatments for solid tumour tumours in the booming field of Interventional Immuno-OncologyTM. The company's intellectual property platform's first asset, IP-001, has the potential to turn a standard tumour ablation into systemically active cancer immunotherapy. Immunophotonics is also looking at using its technology platform to help prevent and treat infectious disease infections.

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