Importance of Outsourcing Analytical Testing in Pharma

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Importance of Outsourcing Analytical Testing in Pharma

Pharma Tech Outlook | Thursday, April 22, 2021

FREMONT, CA : Pharmaceutical analytical testing outsourcing market size is forecasted to evolve significantly from 2020 to 2026. Pharmaceutical analytical testing is significantly leveraged in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical firms for clinical trials on newly manufactured drugs to ensure security. The drugs undergo bioanalytical testing, method development, and validation and stability testing before the release. Pharma firms are focusing on analytical testing outsourcing as it improves drug safety and shortens drug development time.

Pharmaceutical analytical testing outsourcing is increasing due to competition within the pharmaceutical market for precision drugs. Pharmaceutical analytical testing comprises the identification and quantification of pharmaceutical solutions or drugs. Due to the increasing need for drugs, there is substantial evolution in R&D investments. The lengthy drug approval processes and financial issues lead to a mitigated return on investments, thereby bettering the company's preference towards outsourcing these services.

Drug development is becoming more involved and advanced due to the increasing complexity of new drug moieties. The development of good analytical methods not only has assisted in optimizing the formulation development but showed that a stable formulation was indeed feasible. During early development, the accuracy and specificity of a method are ensured. In contrast, during later stages of product development, a full method validation package is provided for NDA/ANDA submissions that fulfill ICH and FDA needs.

Biopharmaceutical companies' segments accounted for revenue share. The firms have adapted analytical testing outsourcing as it mitigates cost and enhances efficiency. The increasing need for regulatory bodies for analytical details on drugs and competition among generic and biosimilars medications has been a driving factor of the testing outsourcing market. Besides, CROs favor offering integrated services to CMOs and pharmaceutical firms to optimize the process and enhance efficiency, thereby augmenting the segment growth in future years. Pharmaceutical key players focus on the Asia Pacific region due to low development cost, HIGH GMP compliances, and potentials to perform complex synthesis of drugs. 

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