Innovenn Launches Improvita to Manage its Human Factors Testing...

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Innovenn Launches Improvita to Manage its Human Factors Testing Business

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, September 06, 2019

The launch of the state-of-the-art testing lab will enable the company to focus on its digital healthcare solutions.

FREMONT, CA: Human factors testing plays a crucial role in the development of innovative medical devices, combination products, and software medical solutions. It is vital for validating the safety and efficacy of artificial intelligence to enhance medical software and helps in streamlining the FDA approval process. Realizing the significance of human factors testing, Innovenn, a provider of digital therapeutics, recently separated its human factors testing business, naming it Improvita.

This will enable the company to focus explicitly on digital healthcare solutions, including digital therapeutics and other software to diagnose, conduct prognosis, and manage patient care for patients with rare diseases. The new branch, Improvita, will concentrate on human factors testing, ethnographics, user interface testing, user experience testing for medical devices, software as a medical device, and combination drug and medical device products. Improvita also unveiled a new state-of-the-art testing lab in Madison, Wisconsin, to bolster its growth.

Innovenn supports its clients by helping them manage strategic projects targeted for regulatory approval across the globe. It delivers robust project management services, user input organizing, safety assessments, testing, validation, and medical device reporting. It empowers patients by incorporating the input into the design of innovative products.

Improvita will ensure the compliance of the medical devices and medical software solutions with the guidelines of the FDA through its human factors testing. It will collaborate with clients to predict potential problems in the offerings and ensure early consideration during the design phase. It will also work with customers during the training phase, assisting users in gaining relevant knowledge regarding its usage and maintenance.

The company aims to establish its presence in the sector by providing its clients with a state-of-the-art facility. The new test lab launched by Improvita includes seven configurable testing rooms to simulate various environments and monitor the test session remotely using the latest technology. Improvita aims to deliver the complete human factor, user interface, and user experience solutions to its clients, combining its current capabilities of in-house recruiting, trained human factors moderators, and risk management advisors.

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