Latest Technologies Improving Patient Outcomes

Latest Technologies Improving Patient Outcomes

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Today Hospitals and other medical facilities are investing heavily in technology that will improve patient outcomes and increase patient safety. The exponential advancement of technology resulted in improved recovery time and quality of life after surgery. Medical technology has also enabled the development of devices that can give informed decisions on treatment.

1. Automation: Implementation of automation has increased the efficiency of operation theaters. It allows more time to assist post-surgery patients before having prepare for the next surgical procedure. These time savings add up manpower improving the efficiency. Caretakers will have more bandwidth to carry out essential duties contributing a higher quality of care for patients.

2. Machine learning: There is great potential for the application of machine learning in healthcare, especially in radiology. The number of medical imaging techniques has increased with the help of deep learning machines. They can read and interpret radiological images faster and more accurately than humans. It can spot nuances that are invisible to the naked eye and can assess a patient’s cancer risk simply by analyzing a scan. Caretakers can then focus on other essential duties. Machine learning can assist doctors in diagnosis and treatments, but can never replace human professionals.

Below are certain types of upcoming technologies making use of automation and machine learning that will positively affect healthcare.

• Cancer nanotherapy an emerging technology for cancer treatment.

• Brain interfaces, the direct communication pathway between the wired brain and external device.

• Genome editing giving scientists the ability to change an organism's DNA.

• Connected medical devices allowing patients the chance to monitor their own health.

• Quantified health data providing insights for both care providers and patients.

• Three-dimensional printing drastically transforming care provided in hospitals.

• Telehealth offering remote treatment for patients.

Benefits of Medical technology:

• Reduces paperwork

• Giving accurate information to both care providers and patients

• Help doctors coordinate patient care and thus improve patient safety

• Reduce unnecessary treatment procedures

• Give direct access to the healthcare records

• Reduced cost

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