Lodige Process Technology Unveils LC light Coater Series

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Lodige Process Technology Unveils LC light Coater Series

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, December 04, 2020

Reiner Lemperle, Director of Sales

Lodige Process Technology presents new cost-efficient LC light coater series.

FREMONT, CA:Lodige Process Technology presents an entirely new model range: The LC light series. Its standardized design characterizes it. Lodige passes on the reduced workload in design, engineering, and programming – compared with a customized solution to its customers through a price reduction by nearly 40 percent. Yet another benefit is the reduction in delivery times for the LC light series compared to customized machines.

The latest LC light series machines are available in three sizes and developed for a clearly defined range of features. They can be utilized for standard film coating processes, for both water-based and organic coating. These insulated coaters allow fully automatic production, such as recipe management. A manifold system is utilized for liquid addition. Spray rates are found by a mass flow meter. The nozzle arm, the coater's technological core, is provided by the German specialist manufacturer Düsen-Schlick GmbH. It has a vital function, easing access to the drum and speeding up filling and discharge. Moreover, the machines are armed with a WIP system by default. Other choices are limited to individual air system modules, an ATEX design, and qualification documentation.

This recently developed, the cost-efficient standard model is nevertheless a film coater at the highest degree of technological development and provides time-tested Lödige quality. Therefore, the LC light series makes high-quality standards accessible to applications in price-sensitive areas worldwide, for instance, mass production of medication, generic medicinal offerings, or food supplements.

Lodige provides individual consultation services and customizes solutions based on customer requirements on site, from design qualification, planning, deploying, and commissioning to operational qualification, performance qualification, and recalibration. "As an end-to-end service provider—we not only build, install and commission turn-key solutions but also create tailor-made solutions to enable clients to continuously manufacture high quality products," states Reiner Lemperle, Director of Sales at Lödige Process Technology.

Lodige was featured as one of the Top Pharma Tech Solution Providers in Europe 2020 in Pharma Tech Outlook.

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