Marken Expands its Footprint by Acquiring PCX

Marken Expands its Footprint by Acquiring PCX

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Monday, August 19, 2019

International trade has opened a multitude of unique supply chain management possibilities, from extended procurement possibilities to extended economies. 

FREMONT, CA: Supply chain management is an intricate shipping, logistics, and cooperative delivery system. Even on the national stage, the supply chain is filled with several functional complexities and regulations. By adding worldwide logistics difficulties and variable international laws, the challenges in supply chain management increase ten folds.

However, globalization has opened a multitude of new supply chain management possibilities, from extended procurement possibilities to enlarged economies. Although factors such as transport costs and freight time are essential, cost savings accumulated from several other countries' purchases of commodities can be considered for the company's profit levels.

Following the advantages of overseas supply chain management, Marken, a  clinical supply chain subsidiary of UPS, acquired PCX International, a Japan-based business performance service provider. PCX works from its office in Tokyo to facilitate the shipment of more than 3,000 packages of clinical trials per month. PCX was founded in 2008 to serve the Japanese clinical trials sector as a professional courier service provider. Since then, with powerful local supplier and airline connections, it has developed credibility for high-quality logistics.

The procurement is projected to strengthen the existing supply chain footprint of Marken in Japan, adding the ability for national and global clinical deliveries.

With a drive to offer more and generate more, the decision to expand also means the extension of functionalities. One of the drastic shifts over the previous decade in the global venture society has been a transition from the US and Europe to Asia in the economic epicenter. Since the Japanese industry is well-established with a coherent and robust appetite for the recent technology, the plethora of sophisticated customers is the core that compelled Marken to extend services in Japan.

With the procurement, Marken will expand its leading role for Direct to Patient and Home Health care, biological specimen deliveries, and provides a state-of-the-art GMP-compliant warehouse network and logistics hubs at various places around the world for storage and transportation of clinical trial content.

Following the acquisition, PCX procurement offers immediate control to Marken of over 200 expert drivers and other Japanese affiliates.  The introduction of this new network meets Marken need for a higher physical involvement locally in Japan and offers the regional clinical client base with a platform for more extensive operations.

Currently, PCX manages over 200 nationwide highly trained drivers, and after the acquisition, the enterprise will offer a variety of delivery services to the existing Japanese company of Marken. The combination of PCX and Marken Japan KK will enable added flexibility in deployment, cost savings, and process optimization. Additional facilities such as biological kit manufacturing, ancillary product procurement, transport and delivery, shipping route inspection and skills, as well as GDP, regulatory and enforcement consultants contribute to the distinctive position of Marken in the pharmaceutical and logistics industry which will expand with Japan's marketplace.

Pharma Tech Outlook recognized Marken for its centered supply chain management in the pharmaceutical and biomedical space and listed the company as one of the "Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Providers" in 2018.

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