Medidata Launches Sensor Cloud

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Medidata Launches Sensor Cloud

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Medidata rolls out Sensor Cloud, ushering in next-generation solutions for connected devices and wearable sensors in clinical trials. 

FREMONT, CA: Medidata, a Dassault Systems company, launches Sensor Cloud, a transformative platform for handling a wide range of sensor and digital health technology data during the clinical trial operation. Sensor Cloud seamlessly combines with Medidata Rave Clinical CloudTM and helps continuous patient data gathering from both Medidata and third-party medical-grade sensors. This innovation will offer a broader and deeper view into the patient experience.

With the potential to measure several biometric data, including vital signs, movement, sleep patterns, and more, Sensor Cloud presents an unmatched opportunity for researchers to derive new insights from data. As sensor usage in trials is projected to increase, the company must create the platform required to rapidly standardize and integrate sensor data to harness these technologies' full power for the advantage of patients.

Following Medidatas' recent acquisition of digital biomarker business MC10, Sensor Cloud's release further strengthens the firm's unique data ingestion, analytics, and insights potentials that currently offer value to patients, trial sites, trial sponsors, and CROs. Using Sensor Cloud, researchers can access data through a single Application Programming Interface and integrate new sensor technologies rather than months.

Sensor Cloud offers the ability to let more significant insights through analytics, including novel digital biomarker discovery, reduced costs, and enable greater operational efficiency by making it seamless for patients to share information and stay enrolled in trials, standardize data from ingestion through delivery through a standard data model, and reduces site and patient burden by cutting down on-site visits, time, and travel through a more flexible engagement model. These advancements will continue to evolve in popularity, outlasting the pandemic and, as trials continue to enhance and become more patient-centric, communication and engagement become increasingly essential. Patient involvement and the quality of the data created by sensors will be vital to this innovative research model's overall evolution. This evolving library of high fidelity connected devices combined with Sensor Cloud's analytics will innovate researchers' understanding of disease progression and treatment impacts in the home while enhancing the clinical trial experience for patients.

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