New Horizons of Vaccine Discovery and Development in Europe

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New Horizons of Vaccine Discovery and Development in Europe

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, August 21, 2020

New technologies are opening opportunities for a step-change in vaccine discovery and development in Europe and ultimately is helping to expand new areas of vaccine development.

FREMONT, CA: Vaccination is the most effective public health intervention to prevent diseases, saving millions of lives every year. Progress in genomics, immunology, microbiology, and antigen optimisation is allowing the development of innovative vaccines in Europe to address unmet medical demands. The combination of new technologies is also enabling the development of therapeutic vaccines to chronic disorders. These innovative approaches are greatly improving the efficacy and safety of vaccines administered to challenging target populations. Today, the EU strategy is accelerating the development, manufacturing, and deployment of vaccines, where research and innovation can contribute significantly.

Top 10 Genomics Solution Companies - 2019Europe plays a vital role in vaccine development. More than 80 percent of vaccine doses produced globally are produced in Europe. It is a fact that developing the next generation of vaccines will be more complex, risky, and more costly than ever before. So the incentive for companies to continue to invest in R&D when budgets in Europe are constrained is recommendations for new vaccines and the growing sentiment of vaccine development from the public. Vaccine developers need opportunities to continuously interact with all stakeholders from the earliest stages of development, particularly regulatory authorities and recommending bodies. This will ensure that resources are not spent developing vaccines that are unlikely to be approved.

Advancements in vaccinology, immunology, and new technologies are potential drivers that are fundamentally changing the dynamics of vaccine development in Europe by enabling to tackle new disease targets previously believed out of reach and deliver vaccines faster. These breakthroughs highlight new opportunities to widen protection offered by vaccination for all stages of life. Promising new technologies can potentially accelerate discovery, increase potency and efficacy, simplify and speed up manufacturing, and reduce scale-up time and costs to make vaccines accessible to broader populations.

Europe is poised to gear up the transformation of vaccine innovation. The European Institutions are positioned to be at the forefront of this revolution by enabling the potential of future breakthroughs, a clear scientific roadmap of actions to improve the way vaccines are evaluated, licensed, used, administered, monitored, and financed.

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