NovAliX Extends its DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) Network by Investing...

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NovAliX Extends its DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) Network by Investing 5.3M

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 05, 2021

NovAliX announced a €5.3 million ($6.4 million) investment to extend its DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) network.

FREMONT, CA: In its DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) network, which is set up at NovAliX headquarters as part of an eight-year technical partnership agreement signed with a global pharmaceutical company, NovAliX, a drug discovery-focused contract research organization (CRO), recently announced a €5.3 million ($6.4 million) investment. The agreement develops on an initial partnership started in 2016 around DEL-related events.

The new investment will be utilized to up-scale the production platform for DEL for designing and synthesize extremely valuable libraries through the use of new chemoinformatic tools to allow chemical space to be sampled better.

A superior level of data security, honesty, and availability is the NovAliX DEL network, NovA-DEL. NovA-DEL is a solution powered by automation and informatics for DEL design, manufacturing, and affinity selection. It is based on the principle of collecting and tracking experimental information in the library's synthesis and the choice of affinity as it is created. The knowledge is utilized to direct the laboratory instrumentation, increase scientific efficiency, and enhance DEL processes' quality. By automating sample handling, analytical data collection, analysis activities, scientific efficiency, and DEL consistency are further improved.

All of these are critical pillars for harnessing further advances in the thriving field of DEL. Reliability-based on data quality is crucial for the next-generation DELs, as artificial intelligence (AI) will play a pivotal role in processing the generated data, both for library design and affinity screening analysis.

"For over a decade, we have been honing our skills in chemical biology screening techniques, especially with micro-array-based surface plasmon resonance, combining them with our strong in-house biophysical capabilities. Going forwards, the DEL platform will be the benchmark in our screening techniques," said Denis Zeyer, CEO of NovAliX. "This agreement, signed with a major pharmaceutical company, enables us to enter the field with a fully-fledged and automated platform, which we now can offer to our clients."

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