Perks of Automating Dental Labs

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Perks of Automating Dental Labs

Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The importance of automation and artificial intelligence and how they assist in improving the working of dental labs.

FREMONT, CA: Automation has been taking place in many labs, however, nowadays people do not fear it as much as they used to. 3D printers and milling machines are examples of automation, and they help to run the labs successfully. In fact, many dentists cannot operate their labs today without automation. And they hope to expand these automation skills. Over the next five years, all the monotonous activities in a dental lab such as denture flasking and packing, will be automated. In addition, technology will also assist in enhancing efficiencies such as automated 3D printing, cleaning, and loading. Dentists would spend more time finishing and designing if they automate these chores. Further, this will result in a superior end product while taking less working hours to produce.


At some point, one can expect to even see robots in the lab. And by communicating and discussing these concepts, the staff could understand that their goals are to increase efficiency in what they do. It is not necessary to cut the workforce. In fact, as a result of being automated, their staff base can also be increased. Additionally, single crowns are also now accessible through AI creation. Furthermore, one may argue that this eliminates the need for a technician, however,  it does not instead it allows one to devote more time to the creation and completion of a beautiful tooth, without any of the tedious or time-consuming aspects. The technician can now focus on stain and glaze owing to AI design, automated milling, and sintering. The healthcare industry is already facing a manpower crisis in the United Kingdom, Europe, and much of the rest of the world. So, unless AI automation is adopted, the current working patterns will not be able to meet the opportunities and challenges that future holds.

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