Premier Drug Application to Fight Insomnia

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Premier Drug Application to Fight Insomnia

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 11, 2020

All new first-ever drug application has been developed to handle and control insomnia.

FREMONT, CA: Eisai Co., Ltd. launched the new drug application for approval of orexin receptor antagonist DAYVIGO. This application is designedin-house to fight against insomnia in adults. The new drug application helps in the treatment of patients marked by challenges in sleep onset, sleep maintenance. The application is accepted by the Hong Kong Department of Health. Outside of Japan, Eisai’s drug application is the first for DAYVIGO in Asia.

Envisioning approval for its other developed applications, Eisai has designed the new drug application against insomnia by creating DAYVIGO sleep receptors. The a dual orexin receptor antagonist, DAYVIGO retards orexin neurotransmission that balances sleep-wake rhythm. It binds with the two subtypes of orexin receptors, OX1R and OX2R. DAYVIGO receptor stops wake-promoting neuropeptides orexin to orexin receptors to enable the balance in sleep-wake circuitry. Recessing the wake elements, DAYVIGO  DAYVIGO drives an individual into sleep faster, thereby making speedy sleep onset and regulating sleep well for patients.

The new drug application helps in curing insomnia, which is a sleep disorder that causes difficulty in going to sleep, retaining sleep after falling asleep. It also causes complications due to inadequate sleep, such as fatigue, lack of concentration, mood swings, and more.

Eisai plans to vest in efforts to promote and lend its DAVIGO application innovation as a way of treatment for insomnia and other similar and related sleep disorders to patients all across Asia. Eisai aims to deliver a healthy sleep-wake cycle to its patients and allow them to balance their daytime life with the nights through faster sleep onsets and quality sleep regulation.

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