ProBioGen AG and Harbour BioMed Enters into An Agreement

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ProBioGen AG and Harbour BioMed Enters into An Agreement

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 16, 2021

ProBioGen AG and Harbour BioMed agree on a cell line development project and applying the ADCC-enhancement technology GlymaxX.

FREMONT, CA: ProBioGen AG and Harbour BioMed today jointly announce their agreement on a cell line development project and application of the ADCC-advancement technology GlymaxX. Harbour BioMed contracted ProBioGen to innovate one of their clinical programs, an antibody with ADCC as mode-of-action. For the improvement of such antibodies ADCC, ProBioGen will apply its proprietary GlymaxX technology. The GlymaxX technology allows flexible and reversible adjustment of the antibody fucosylation level "from a fucosylated to fully fucosylated. This technology is compatible with the CHO.RiGHT cell line development offering and DirectedLuck Transposase. With DirectedLuck, ProBioGen is now providing fast-track programs, also realized for this Harbour BioMed project.

The combination of ProBioGens' reputation for outstanding cell lines and their technologies provided alongside its platforms convinced the company of the rapid progress it can make to bring this and other antibody candidates to the clinic. The firm is looking forward to working with the ProBioGen team through this exciting partnership.

The ProBioGen team is excited to start this cooperation with Harbour BioMed. Using its elegant technologies that provide high, tunable potency and superior productivity with the highest development speed, the company is happy to advance the Harbour BioMeds pipeline, designed with their clever Harbour Mice platform.

ProBioGen is a Contract Development and Manufacturing firm and technology deliverer with expertise in cell line engineering, process development, and GMP manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. Its advanced technologies like CHO.RiGHT, the genetic glycoengineering GlymaxX, and the targeted transposase DirectedLuck combined with its efficient process development and robust GMP manufacturing, boost the development of drug candidates from early concept to industrial market-readiness.

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