Recasting Clinical Development with AI-Informed Virtual Assistants

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Recasting Clinical Development with AI-Informed Virtual Assistants

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Clinical developmentFREMONT, CA: Voice Assistants are more like digital assistants that use natural language processing, voice recognition, speech synthesis, and more to provide aid to users through phones and voice recognition applications. The affordability and ease-of-use of these intelligent assistants have driven the rapid adoption of technology worldwide. It is no wonder that this advancement is grabbing the attention of pharmaceutical leaders, who continually innovate to meet the challenges of new product development. The industry is aided by the path-breaking technology that enables production to realize previously unimaginable challenges.

•  Enhancing Research

The use of AI informed virtual assistants to drive and fasten drug discovery is one of the most exciting advances. During the past, exploring amassed information produced in any clinical trial needed a great effort. Identifying patient-level data paths was a daunting task that requires months to generate solutions.  The superior data analytics features that leverage AI has altered the clinical development landscape. AI informed virtual assistants aids changes the efficiency and rate with which the domain performs clinical research.

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•  Unearthing Answers

Analytics can be fundamentally a speech to the data through Artificial Intelligence driven virtual assistants. The assistants are intended to focus on domain knowledge entirely, and they will not answer to irrelevant queries about unconnected topics. To adequately answer a question, virtual assistants set up a context which is a combination of what the researchers want to know. The assistants burrow available data for the response once equipped with an understanding of the query.

•  Process Checks and Monitoring

Key performance indicators can be monitored and tracked to mitigate financial and operational risks. Features designed particularly for monitoring drug effectiveness and patient safety enable integrated analysis of many variables. Cost savings and scaled efficiencies can be fundamental for clinical development.

AI-powered virtual assistants let pharma talk the talk. An extraordinary conversational experience with clinical trial data may shift the clinical development paradigm for the better.

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