SIGNiX Launches E-Signatures Solutions that Align to SAFE-BioPharma...

SIGNiX Launches E-Signatures Solutions that Align to SAFE-BioPharma Global Standard

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, June 01, 2018

FREMONT,CA: SIGNiX, provider of cloud-based Independent E-Signatures, announced the launched of its e-signature solutions that adhere to the SAFE-BioPharma global standard. The enhanced e-signature solutions enable life sciences, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to authorize agreements that meet legal and regulatory standards across the world.

SIGNiX and SAFE-BioPharma has extended its platform to continue to give high assurance identity and signing credentials across the board, particularly as an add-on feature to SIGNIX’S PharmaDoX solutions for users in the life sciences industry and to its MyDox solution for healthcare and other enterprise users.

SIGNiX’s new SAFE-BioPharma-complaint technology provides a unique digital certificate, or identity, certified by SAFE-BioPharma. Its signature and certificates will be recognized and trusted by U.S government agency applications within Europe and European Medicines Agency as a qualified electronic signature.

 “SIGNiX has developed an outstanding enhancement to their solutions that are both intuitive and exceedingly secure. This will certainly have a significant impact on companies looking for a more productive, cost-effective and secure way to conduct transactions and submissions,” said Mollie Shields-Uehling, president and CEO, SAFE-BioPharma Association.

SIGNiX’s e-signature solutions include:  robust workflow options to get documents signed by parties anytime; easy to use-browser-based interface to sign documents, mobile devices, tablets and PCs; a cloud based service and signature is valid for the life of a document; published legal Independent e-signature technology based on the international standards and is secure with rich evidence based on the signature’s validity which is permanently embedded directly into the signed document; tamper-evident technology and comprehensive audit trails to provide complete transparency of the signing process.

“Our SAFE-BioPharma-compliant e-signatures give healthcare, life sciences and pharmaceutical companies a secure, convenient tool for authorizing transactions worldwide and accelerates their ability to establish fully electronic environments. We applaud the SAFE-BioPharma Association for developing this global identity and signature standard and are honored to be a partner of the association,” said Jay Jumper, president and CEO, SIGNiX.

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