StayinFront Acquires Lab4Motion

StayinFront Acquires Lab4Motion

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The days of endless marketing budgets to support pharmaceutical sales reps are a thing of the past. Today, field reps need to distinguish their products from those of their competitors and clearly present their advantages. To these field reps and their organizations, StayinFront gives an edge with its mobile, cloud-based field force effectiveness and customer relationship management solutions. In the recent development, StayinFront has completed its acquisition of Lab4Motion, a provider of advanced image and video recognition technologies. StayinFront has renamed the company StayinFront Digital Sp. z o.o. and has revealed a new logo for the brand symbolizing innovation and artificial intelligence.

“The branding of StayinFront Digital Sp. zo.o. reflects the company’s evolution into an all-encompassing global retail execution software business with a rich end-to-end solution,” explained Thomas Buckley, CEO of StayinFront.

StayinFront Digital Sp. zo.o. has introduced a fully integrated solution that can be integrated into StayinFront TouchCG and StayinFront EdgeCG to boost sales revenue and the return on investment in field selling resources.

“This consolidation of capabilities provides the new StayinFront Digital Sp. zo.o. brand with added strengths that allow us to define an entirely new space with our advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence,” stated Tony Bullen, Chief Technology Officer of StayinFront (Asia-Pac) Ltd.

StayinFront TouchCG is a mobile field app with an interface for merchandising, route accounting, order entry, and in-store sales. It allows field operators, distributors and brokers to operate more efficiently and to sell in store more effectively. It also empowers field representatives to finish more work in less time and to set up guided workflows for additional efficiency. TouchCG finishes more orders in store with a mix of video, photos and scanning data, providing all the critical information.

StayinFront Edge CG's integrated analytics and reporting capabilities allow alliance managers to report on shelf conditions, promotional compliance, trends, and opportunities promptly.

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