StayinFront Bagged the Best-in-Class Awards in POI's Vendor...

StayinFront Bagged the Best-in-Class Awards in POI's Vendor Panorama, 2019

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Ken Arbadji, VP of Sales, North America

FREMONT, CA: The days of endless marketing budgets to support pharmaceutical sales reps are a thing of the past. Pharmaceutical companies are more strategic today, about how they approach marketing spend and their investment in the field. StayinFront, a pioneering provider of mobile, cloud-based field force effectiveness and customer relationship management solutions for consumer goods and life sciences organizations was awarded, the Best-in-Class distinctions in 6 categories namely- Mobile UX, Analytical Insights, Retail Activity Optimization, Guided Selling, Coaching and Interactive Customer Presentations in Promotion Optimization Institute's (POI) 2019 Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods. 

With two decades of experience in offering mobile field force solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, StayinFront has developed an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by the firms in this industry. "We have developed a flexible mobile solution that allows us to deliver the tools to help organizations better target, prepare, and execute business plans," comments Ken Arbadji, the VP of Sales, StayinFront.

StayinFront's analytics was highlighted in the report authored by Pam Brown, POI Chief Commercial Officer, citing StayinFront 20:20 RDI and StayinFront Digital as key differentiators that enable consumer goods organizations to drive actionable insights to help them sell more. It also highlighted the company's deep and easy to use UX capabilities and its customizability for companies of all sizes and requirements.

"We are very pleased to have received Best-in-Class awards for six categories in this year's POI Vendor Panorama. POI is a trusted voice in the consumer goods industry, and their recognition affirms our continued commitment to helping our customers do more, know more and sell more," shared Thomas Buckley, the CEO, StayinFront.

Recognized as one among the top ten world-class analytics solution providers, StayinFront has been continuously working with their clients to understand their needs and incorporate new features into their product portfolio. It has formed a partnership with third-party support organizations to expand the services it provides. "We will continue to invest in our solution to make sure that our customers have the tools to do more, know more, and sell more in the field," added Arbadji.

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