StemoniX Sets Up New Facility for Research & Development

StemoniX Sets Up New Facility for Research & Development

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 06, 2019

With the launch of a new research and development facility of the company, it will be a great start to focus on the advancements of new preclinical applications.

FREMONT, CA- StemoniX, a biotechnology company revolutionizing the way how new medicines are discovered, has recently opened its new research and development center in La Jolla, CA. The new facility will house StemoniX's research team, which will mainly concentrate on developing new preclinical applications, disease modeling techniques, and opportunities for drug discovery, which will involve the company's high-throughput microOrgan technology platforms.

microOrgans are the first ready-to-use assay plates in the world, comprising living microtissues made from human-induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC). microOrgans are designed to high-throughput human drug screening without the need for drugs to invade a human body. microBrains and microHeart are types of microOrgans, which decreases the cost involved and helps in saving time for the pharmaceutical industry. These microOrgans will enhance the safety, consistency, and precision of human clinical trials based on animal models and restricted human testing as predictors of drug interactions across the entire population of patients.

StemoniX's product microHeart works in high-density plate formats and provides accelerated cell maturity characteristics to scientists with structurally aligned cardiac cells that resemble indigenous human heart tissue. microBrains are essential to biology, activity, functional maturity that imitates indigenous human brain tissue. Both the products are pre-plated and ready to use in the workflow. The company specializes in human iPS cells, cardiomyocytes, stem cells, astrocytes, neurons, iPS cell manufacturing, high throughput screening, drug discovery, in vitro assay development, hazard identification, and disease modeling.

The company's mission is to speed up the discovery of new drugs with physiologically relevant, structured human cells that enhance the results of cell-based assays. The company creates and manufactures pluripotent human-induced stem (iPS) cell cardiovascular and neural discovery and development platforms for drug discovery. The human models are predictive, precise, and coherent, allowing researchers to perform research rapidly and economically with enhanced results in a streamlined workflow. The organization also works in collaboration with drug discovery companies to test their compounds with in-house screening capacities, generate new cell-based models, and operationalize their large-scale human iPS cells for high-performance testing.

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