Streamlining Clinical Trials with Remote Monitoring Strategy

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Streamlining Clinical Trials with Remote Monitoring Strategy

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, September 09, 2020

While healthcare deliverers aim at crafting patient-centric experiences, remote monitoring technology helps the clinicians treat patients without visiting them virtually.   

FREMONT, CA: Florence secures the U.S. Patent for its Remote Monitoring and Dynamic Document Management Systems (DDMS) and Methods. This patent signifies the vital clinical trial documents processing capabilities of Florence's applications, enabling a new remote surveillance strategy for pharmaceutical firms, medical device firms, and Clinical Research Organizations (CRO).

In this contemporary digital age of clinical trials, the management of the trial needs be explicitly reinvented in terms of site-sponsor cooperation. Florence's new creation, remote site monitoring, and DDMS effectively manage clinical trials to bring this approach into practicality. Under this patent, the developed technology enables the company to further, advance into clinical trials and manage documents and information flow between study locations and sponsors.

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Remote monitoring and DDMS facilitate more effective cooperation among industry locations and eISF sponsors. Achieving this patent is a real testament to the hard work of the product team and opens the doors to alter the way sponsors and sites conduct clinical trials.

The method includes remote Source Document Verification (rSDV) as a specialist team performs remote verification of source information through a centralized place. A single centralization place can check the paperwork of various locations instead of going to the site, which introduces us to the notion of centralized surveillance. As the leading digital infrastructure for the trial site and sponsoring cooperation, Florence is changing how new drugs get on the market. The firm now promotes a network of 4,500+ researchers worldwide who are attached to their apps for electronic Investigator Site File (eISF). Florence enables the sector to deliver life-changing therapies to patients quicker by constructing a linked network of study locations on its patented software backbone.

Florence advances clinical trials between study locations and sponsors through software to manage document and information flow. Florence eBinders is trusted by 4,000+ Investigators to handle eRegulatory/eSource for over 1,000 research, Florence eTMF is the most versatile eTMF in the market with a broad range of innovative characteristics, and Florence eHub is revolutionizing site-sponsoring connectivity in a virtual site workspace for site supervision, monitoring, and quality control.

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