Syntekabio Reveals its New Platform STB CLOUD to Aid AI Drug...

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Syntekabio Reveals its New Platform STB CLOUD to Aid AI Drug Discovery

Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 11, 2023

AI-driven STB CLOUD, Syntekabio's cloud service system based on MAHA supercomputing, is dedicated to making small molecule drug discovery more efficient.

FREMONT, CA: "We live in a rapidly changing world with constant disruptions by new and advanced technologies. STB CLOUD is an instant game changer for faster, easier and more accurate drug discovery. Investing in technologies like this further supports clinical trials critical for making lifesaving drugs in a timely manner," said the CEO of Syntekabio, Jongsun Jung, Ph.D. "This landmark achievement will undoubtedly strengthen Syntekabio's position in the competitive AI drug discovery industry. Bringing STB CLOUD to the global marketplace has been a tremendous endeavor by our exceptional scientists and engineers."

Syntekabio, one of the leading AI drug discovery and development companies, unveils STB CLOUD globally. Syntekabio's AI drug discovery cloud platform takes advantage of genomic big data and AI technology to drive AI drug discovery. A platform developed by the company is available to healthcare players anywhere to process small molecule drug discovery.

Syntekabio designs its STB CLOUD to outperform any common Software as a Service (SaaS) option. The STB CLOUD integrates DeepMatcher, an AI-driven platform for small molecule drug discovery, into its supercomputing hardware environment and cloud database. Standardizing, simplifying, and automating the existing computer-aided drug discovery (CADD) process can improve the drug discovery and development process in terms of time, cost, accuracy, and resources. Users can generate a comprehensive report via the platform by only entering the name of the target protein related to a disease.

Syntekabio has already begun to develop additional capabilities to support clinical trials with a selection of patients soon, including a neoantigen prediction platform (NEO-ARS) and a multivariate biomarker discovery platform (PGM-ARS).

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