Taconic Biosciences Unveils TruIMPORT Importation Solution

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Taconic Biosciences Unveils TruIMPORT Importation Solution

Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, June 04, 2021

Taconic Biosciences announces a significant improvement to the Taconic-Cyagen Model Generation Alliance, allowing for the smooth importation of the latest genetically engineered models.

FREMONT, CA: Taconic Biosciences, a worldwide leader in delivering drug discovery animal model solutions, has announced a significant improvement to the Taconic-Cyagen Model Generation Alliance that will allow for the smooth importation of the latest genetically engineered models in China under the TruIMPORT umbrella.

Researchers at non-profit facilities play an essential role in drug discovery. But outsourcing animal model creation can be prohibitively expensive or logistically difficult. Access to animal model resources can be hampered, which can hinder crucial research. Earlier, potential solutions to this problem have come with trade-offs. Based on the location of origin, cost-efficient choices may need a lengthy quarantine or extra breeding to guarantee the animals meet the necessary health standards for entry into the institution's animal facility. These additional steps can cost both time and money to the researcher.

The Taconic-Cyagen Model Generation Alliance (the Alliance) for academic and non-profit researchers, which was initiated in 2018, combines the skill sets of two industry-leading companies to create a solution specifically tailored for non-profit research institutions. Taconic Biosciences has more than 65 years of rodent model knowledge, and Cyagen Biosciences is a China-based model generation efficiency and cost structure leader. Since its initial stage, the Alliance has established itself as a market leader in providing model generation services to academic and non-profit researchers. TruIMPORT is a significant advancement in this service offering. It enables animal models from China to be imported into animal facilities in the United States and Europe while meeting existing vivarium requirements. In addition, TruIMPORT provides several options for customers to access efficient model generation with various pricing options based on the desired delivery timeline, health standard, and cohort size.

"Our main goal is to solve problems for our customers," shared Dr. John Couse, vice president of scientific services for Taconic. "While the Alliance has provided efficient model generation for years, importation concerns were a barrier for many customers. By creating multiple options under the TruIMPORT" ¢ umbrella, customers can now import rodent models from China without quarantine regardless of the requirements of their vivarium."

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