The Evolution of Pharma Marketing

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The Evolution of Pharma Marketing

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Monday, February 08, 2021

Integrating advanced technologies with the current approach to pharma marketing will work best in the evolving new world of patient advocacy.

FREMONT, CA: The availability of life-saving pharmaceutical products by their very nature plays a prominent role in the well being of a society. In fact, the marketing cost in the pharmaceutical sector has increased by nearly 70 per cent in the past 20 years and now totals nearly 30 billion dollars. Only those businesses that embrace the power of digital innovation and a customer-first business model will succeed in building more effective interactions, deeper loyalty, and lasting brand preference. Hence it can be said that the marketing world of pharma will adapt going forward to focus on the user, not the drugs. Here is more to it.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Compliance Solution Companies - 2019With technological advancement, many existing methods and practices of pharma marketing have been replaced or modified in combination with technologies. Electronic detailing is one of the methods of drug promotion introduced a few years back as technologically developed. In the pharma industry, it has been introduced as a new communication channel for the promotion of drugs among physicians. For e-detailing digital technologies like the internet, video conferencing, and interactive voice response are adapted to communicate with physicians.

The fast-changing market demands more value from pharmaceutical manufacturers than ever before. In this case, value stands for more cost efficiency, proven patient outcomes, and better contribution to the health care experience throughout the value chain. The key will be emerging as a key player in the integrated health management model that combines pharmaceutical marketing into mobile communications, and other online platforms for marketing.

As the result-based approach to health care grows in popularity, now is the time for pharmaceutical marketing agencies to drive value from a new personalized, omnichannel approach to marketing. This means allowing different strategies for marketing directly to customers and in detailing to physicians and payers. Advanced pharma marketers are shifting into precision marketing, which is all about focusing on digital platforms with custom messaging for a segment of consumers who want the information most.

For pharmaceutical firms to continue thriving, they need to engage with patients, who are more focused on holistic health outcomes. This means expanding their products and its capabilities with a focus on continuous patient outcomes, using new methods to drive market-specific drugs, and using the appropriate channels to provide the right information.

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