The Increasing Trend of Light Therapy

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The Increasing Trend of Light Therapy

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Light therapy has shown promising results in the treatment of some skin conditions, and nowadays it is also easily available. The therapy improves the complexion and rejuvenates the skin.

FREMONT, CA: Nowadays, in the beauty industry, the terms red, blue, and green light therapy have become very popular. However, the question is, what kind of light therapy are these, and what do they do?  These lights cannot only reach different layers of the skin, but they can also contact the dermis layers as they travel at a wavelength of 633 (Red Light), 532 (Green Light), and 415 (Blue Light). When the light reaches the dermis layers, it boosts the cells and stimulates a response from the body to use the light. Therefore, the light rays enhance the rejuvenation procedure with the help of increased blood flow, collagen stimulation, detoxification process, and much more.

Based on various studies and their results conducted around the world, light therapy is one of the efficient ways in which a person detoxes their skin, removes wrinkles, and brings back the glow on the skin that every individual desires for. The Pharma industry is also focusing on light therapy because of the benefits that it showers on the people and also due to the increasing demand for it among the consumers. Here are some of the benefits of the three types of light therapies—red, green, and blue, also known as Collagenic Light, Bright Skin Light, and Blue Skin Light

Advantages of Red Light

1. Renews Collagen and Elastin Fibers- Leading to a Brightening Effect

The proteins that naturally exist in the skin as structural support are collagen and elastin, among this, collagen is the most copious protein in the body. Collagen gives skin strength and has the task of replacing the dead skin cells. On the other hand, elastin is the connective tissue, and this permits the body to resume into their original shape after contracting or stretching. However, as the skin ages, it loses some of the firmness and elasticity, leading to an older complexion.

Collagenic light can reach the deepest layer of the skin that is the dermis layer. It reactivates the production of collagen, leading to an increase in collagen and elastin proteins. This leads to a brightening effect that gives a boost to the skin’s original luster.

2. Anti-aging- Diminishing Fine Lines and Wrinkles

One of the uses of Collagenic light that is gaining popularity among the consumers is its anti-aging properties. According to studies, when the skin gets exposed to the red light, it automatically starts the renewal procedure of the elastin and collagen cells. The renewal of cells enhances the fine lines and wrinkles, and it becomes less visible. Moreover, the red light also helps to improve the overall firmness, texture, and complexion of the skin.

Benefits of Green Light

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1. Lighter and Smoother

An excessive amount of melanin, a pigment that determines the color of hair and skin, creates dark spots on the skin. When consumers use light therapy devices, the melanin absorbs the green light that is emitted by the device. As a result, the body can recognize the melanin particles in which the lights break down and discard them

. As a result, the body accepts the melanin particles that the light breaks down and abandons them, leaving the user with clear and lighter skin tones.

2. Decreases Spider Veins and Rosacea

With aging come various skin issues that a person cannot avoid. However, light skin therapies can lighten the appearance of the spider veins and rosacea. Green light creates the small blood vessels that lie just underneath the skin to close down and disappear, making their presence less visible. Besides, the researchers also indicate that the green light is an effective method of treatment against skin issues, such as rosacea and erythema, because it soothes the affected area of the skin.

Benefits of Blue Light

1. Competent in the Treatment of Acne

The Blue Skin Light is UV-free. The light has proved to be an effective treatment for acne as it can destroy the bacteria’s that caused skin irritation. As a result, the researchers and aestheticians are advising the users to use the blue light for the treatment of acne.

2. Prevents Oily Skin

Oily skin is the term usually used for the description of increased production of sebum, and an imbalance in hormones can cause this. The blue skin therapy reduces the activity of the sebaceous gland so that it cannot produce much oil.

The trend of light therapy has increased due to the escalating demand of it among the people. The ability to treat wrinkles, acne, and oily skin some of the major skin issues that trouble people are making it accessible among the people. The Pharma companies are also coming up with various types of light therapy masks at a reasonable price so that the user can use them and achieve their desired skin tone.

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