The Road to Digital Transformation in Pharma and Biotech

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The Road to Digital Transformation in Pharma and Biotech

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Friday, March 29, 2019

Digital Transformation

Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies operate in an intensely competitive space where bringing them to market is a tough call. Technology plays a strategic role in winning this battle and to arrive at a competitive advantage. Digital transformation allows sensors, machines, equipment, and people to collaborate while improving plant processes and the products they create. It offers new approaches for advancement instead of merely assisting traditional approaches. Genomics and personalized medicine are the newer therapeutics evolved with the adaption of digital transformation.

Challenges for Digital Transformation of Pharma and Biotech

Apart from operational problems, finding and gaining regulatory approvals for new drugs and scaling up from laboratory to full production are major risk points for digital transformation. Improved track-and-trace solutions are required for new regulatory challenges. For some companies, the strategy is to improve cybersecurity and data integrity and move regulatory documents to the cloud. Also, the need for more efficient methods to produce breakthrough therapies and new drugs more economically and reliably comprises another challenge. Digital transformation can facilitate manufacturing companies with technologies.


Digital Transformation of Pharma and Biotech

Digital transformation is more about people and processes than being driven by technology. Digitalization brings collaboration among workers and partners, improves access to data and intelligence across the organization and provides tools for remote expert assistance. Digitalization combined with the manufacturing process, automation, and therapeutics and personalized medicine can transform the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Organizations have already started their digital transformation journey with cybersecurity initiatives, moving data to the cloud, adopting additive manufacturing, robotics, analytics, and wearables. A cloud-based environment can represent an ideal method to manage, deploy, access, and manage critical data.  Manufacturers can connect, interact, and collaborate at an unparalleled level by moving data to the cloud, ultimately resulting in safer therapeutics.

Because of this sheer amount of digital transformation applied on pharma and biotech care receivers are more comfortable with taking their well being to their own hands.

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