Tianda Pharmaceuticals Secures Shares in Yeung & Young and Qi's Living

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Tianda Pharmaceuticals Secures Shares in Yeung & Young and Qi's Living

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 15, 2020

Tianda Pharmaceuticals acquires 50.1 percent of equity interests in two companies, building long term cooperation.

FREMONT, CA: TDMall (Hong Kong) Ltd(TDMall HK), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tianda Pharmaceuticals, has secured 50.1 percent of equity interests in two companies, Yeung & Young Medicare Centre Ltd (Yeung & Young) and Qi's Living Company Ltd (Qi's Living). A leader in Hong Kong, Yeung & Young is a company that is dedicated to offering state of the art and high quality traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) consultation and services that are modernized and feasible in today’s digital era. The wholly-owned subsidiary of Yeung & Young, Qi's Living, looks after the sales aspect of the TCM healthcare products.

The long cooperation that has been established between Tianda Pharmaceuticals and the Yeung & Young group is oriented to focus on the development of TDMall HK. by leveraging the extensive experience and expertise of Yeung & Young in the world of TCM, TDMall HKlooks to gain both, the exposure and proficiency, and market success in the TCM industry. The acquisition, along with the corporation, is sure to bring in a large number of benefits to Tianda Pharmaceuticals. The proficiency and market knowledge that the acquired companies hold would help Tianda Pharmaceuticals to enhance its operational efficiency as well as the performance in the aspect of the business.

To add upon, Tianda Pharmaceuticals can diversify and expand the service portfolio of itself in the TCM industrial market. The acquisition enables the companies in the loop to collaborate their strengths, and by channelizing their complementary advantages and exploring the positives aspects of this synergistic development, TCM can witness a wider reach and serve various customer bases.

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