Together with Roche and SAP, Tenthpin to Drive a Co-Innovation...

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Together with Roche and SAP, Tenthpin to Drive a Co-Innovation Consortium

Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Michael Schmidt, Co-founder, Partner & Board Member

To effectively address the specific needs of the life sciences clinical supplies practice, SAP, Roche, and Tenthpin have started an industry consortium.

FREMONT, CA: SAP, Roche, and Tenthpin partners to shape the future of clinical supplies operations and streamline clinical and commercial supply chain management systems. The firms have formed an industry consortium and are working together on the new, innovative, next-generation clinical trial supply management (CTSM) solution. This consortium consists of several stakeholders from the life sciences industry, including clinical trial and interactive response technology system vendors. It will stress defining and orchestrating optimally aligned clinical supplies processes.

Clients in the clinical supply chain experience challenges in inventory management and tracking. The absence of a single technology that can be combined with clinical trial supply management systems to serve as a planning base and help the end-to-end supply chain makes the task even more arduous. “Together with Roche and SAP, Tenthpinis driving a co-innovation consortium with the pharma industry to build an integrated, next generation Clinical Trials Supply Management (CTSM) solution,” remarks Michael Schmidt, Co-founder, Partner & Board Member at Tenthpin.

As part of the revamped clinical supplies processes, SAP, together with its customers, is designing a next-generation CTSM solution developed on SAP S/4HANA and SAP’s industry cloud. This will manage the specific blinding and randomization needs for clinical trials to facilitate demand forecasting, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and shipping clinical trial materials. Together, SAP, Roche, and Tenthpin address the life sciences industry's vital priorities by allowing accurate planning and improved inventory management through the inclusion of clinical trial parameters.

The CTSM solution is planned to let higher flexibility, streamlined processes, end-to-end transparency, better collaboration, and end-to-end support. “This partnership represents a milestone in our industry cloud initiative. Together with Roche and Tenthpin, we can now address the specific needs of clinical trial supply management and improve business and ultimately patient outcomes. By gaining greater insights into forecasted demand and clinical site stock levels, the solution will help enable faster clinical supplies cycle times, reduce inventory overage and allow informed decision-making from start to finish.” says Peter Maier, president, Industries and Customer Advisory, SAP.

Tenthpin was featured as one of the Top Clinical Trial Management Consulting/Services Companies in Europe.

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