Tools to Make the Most of Digital Marketing Spend for Pharma

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Tools to Make the Most of Digital Marketing Spend for Pharma

Stacey Smith, Pharma Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Technology tools have proven their worth when it comes to widening pharma marketers' potential to scale digital transformation.

FREMONT, CA: The pharmaceutical sector has always desperately struggled to keep up with the rest of the industries in terms of digital. Many times, it found itself lagging in the digital spectrum compared to other major industries. This can be attributed to the conservative and slow nature of the industry. That is how it should be to protect other more important reasons, but it's high time the pharma industry buckled up its boots to go digital. Here are some tools that can boost digital marketing performance for pharma companies.

• Business Intelligence (BI) Software

BI tools aggregate, analyze and visualize data, look to platforms like Tableau, Google Data Studio, and Amazon QuickSight to create insights, reporting, and custom dashboards. Modern analytics platforms can supplement descriptive data with predictive data. These flexible, cloud-powered platforms offer detailed metrics to measure the properties, channels, campaigns, and tactics to create user engagement and report on audience segments to inform targeted messaging.

• Data Management Platform (DMP)

DMPs are data management tools designed to streamline programmatic ad spend and campaign performance; Adobe Audience Manager and Salesforce Audience Studio well-known examples. The aggregate customer data with the primary focus of informing and adjusting audiences. Marketers are increasingly combining DMP data with CDPs for next-generation audience engagement potentials.

• Machine Learning Tool

Modern marketing systems can create an enormous amount of detailed customer behavioral data, making it complex to distinguish between signal and noise. Machine learning tools like Adobe Sensei, AWS Machine Learning Services, and Google'sGoogle's AI Platform utilize artificial analysis to find trends, predict behavior, and recommend decisions. The more data they collect, the more accurate their predictions become.

Email Marketing Automation

Email remains a vital marketing channel for HCPs and patients. Modern email marketing automation platforms assist in optimizing campaigns by enabling triggers, branching, and customizing customer email cadences—full-featured enterprise email automation devices.

• Digital Asset Management

DAMs platforms facilitate the organization and distribution of shared assets among vast marketing teams. Approved materials can be released for use by several different parties while managing notes regarding usage, ownership, and approval status.

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