Top 3 Innovative Pharmaceutical Trends in 2020

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Top 3 Innovative Pharmaceutical Trends in 2020

By Pharma Tech Outlook | Thursday, July 16, 2020

The innovative technologies in the pharma industry are creating development opportunities for companies to grow now and in the future.

FREMONT, CA: From its inception, the pharmaceutical industry is experiencing several changes and is enhancing exponentially. The digital transformation and the availability of newer drugs enables practice of better medicine. The pharmaceutical industry in the coming years will witness the rise of innovation. This revolution can be monitored not only in the pharma and biotech companies but also from the university labs and contract research organizations. Let us look at the most innovative trends this year.

Phenotypic Screening

There are two types of methods used for new drug discovery. One being the target-based approach and the next named as phenotypic screening. Phenotypic screening is a kind of screening used in drug discovery and biological research to distinguish substances like small molecules and peptides that change the phenotype of an organism or its cell. Over the past years, this kind of approach has been widely accepted and has increased the possibilities of finding the best in industry, molecule drugs.

Bio-3D Printing

Bio 3D Printing customizes the way prosthetics are conceptualized to personalization. With the availability of effective 3D printers complemented by digital tools and gadgets to customize prosthetics as per one's needs, this is the future that any pharma company can expect.

Along with the prosthetics, recently, an organization called CellInk developed a liquid that allows the growth of human cells and body parts including ears, and noses. This helps the scientists and doctors to fix organs, including the internal ones.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is utilized increasingly in several aspects of pharma research. Research companies worldwide, life science players, and pharma manufacturers are collaborating AI in their research and developmental activities and expect robust outcomes. This resulted in the faster discovery of drugs/medicines while reducing time to reach the market considerably.

Artificial Intelligence tools and infrastructure has great potential in almost all stages of drug discovery like research data mining, target identification, target validation,  and assisting in target identification and validation while minimizing risks to properties and lives.

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